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Cie took a Replica Rolex GMT Master fresh approach to the collection last year and Replica Rolex GMT Master have now harmonised it. There are now two watch families: the Endeavour and the Venturer. The Venturer Small Seconds was introduced, and the Venturer Tourbillon dual time was just released. This is Moser & Cie’s first tourbillon (and it is in-house). We also have the Endeavour Perpetual Calendar, which is one of our favorite perpetual calendars. It comes in both a full-black and a limited edition in black gold. Today, we introduce a special edition H.Replica Rolex GMT Master Moser & CIE Endeavour Dual Time. This limited edition is only for Elegant, its exclusive retail partner in Hong Kong.This limited edition uses the CIE Endeavour Dual Time as its base. The same case is used for this timepiece as the Black DLC Perpetual Calendar that we presented you after Baselworld. (Monochrome-Watches will review it soon). It has nice Replica Rolex GMT Master curves, 40.8mm in diameter, and comes in a variety of mirror-polished and brushed finishes. H. Moser has introduced the Endeavour Dual Time DLC Titanium exclusively for its Hong Kong distributor. The rest of the collection is made up only precious metals (gold and platinum).Replica Rolex GMT Master

This case is Rolex Replica Watches discreet and monochromatic in design. The case is DLC Replica Rolex GMT Master coated with the same dark anthracite gray as the Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Black Edition. It isn't completely black, but it has nice metallic reflections. Grade 5 was chosen for its superior quality and mirror polishing ability. Because it is lighter, it Replica Rolex GMT Master offers a higher resistance to scratches and very good comfort. It is made from carbon-coated, hand-stitched black alligator.This Special Edition dial features an unique anthracite tone and is sandblasted, polished, and plated entirely by hand. The monochrome concept is also used for the polished grey hands and black-applied indexes. Red is the only colour. This hand can be hidden under the "home time", hour hand when not in use. You can simply Replica Rolex GMT Master change the local time by moving the red second hand when you travel or work in international business environments. The home time hour hand moves with the hour hand of the second time zone. You can pull the Double Pull Crown to the center position and it will not stop the movement. This ensures that the home time does not get disturbed.Replica Rolex GMT Master

This Rolex Replica Special Edition of Co. Endeavour Dual Time is just Replica Rolex GMT Masterlike the regular edition. It also includes the Calibre HMC 346, which is the company's own. This automatic movement has at least 3 days power reserve. It also features several H. Moser's delights, such as the inter- and balance wheel modules, the Straumann hairspring, and the Moser teeth on all wheels and Replica Rolex GMT Master pinions. The movement's decoration is clean and elegant, featuring straight Moser stripes (a variant of the Geneva Stripes), polished bevelled angles and a solid gold rotor.It is difficult to make something complex look as simple as possible. The Cie Endeavour Perpetual Black Edition is a beautiful watch. You won't notice the complexity of the movement until you Replica Rolex GMT Master look at it for the first. The main strength of the Moser QP, aside from its beauty, is the ability to display a simple, practical and innovative movement. This is why we chose to wear the CIE Endeavour Perpetual calendar on our wrist.Replica Rolex GMT Master

The Cie www.tswatchshop.com Endeavour Calendar Black Edition's simple display Replica Rolex GMT Master may fool you. You may not see it at first glance. It displays the time with a date aperture at 3 and a small-second at 6. There is also a power reserve at 9. It is true in a certain sense. One little arrow, which points 9 in our photos, can be seen at the center axis. The magic of the Endeavour Perpetual Calendar is that it does more than just show the date. It shows a complete Replica Rolex GMT Master perpetual calendar in the most straightforward way we have ever seen.What does it all mean? The Cie Endeavour Perpetual calendar is not as simple as it appears. It has a perpetual calendar, large power reserve, and an in-house movement that boasts many unique and innovative features. This watch is more than a simple 3-hand watch. We are in front of the handsome mechanics that have been assembled into a stunning Replica Rolex GMT Master black DLC titanium case. This edition of Endeavour QP is our choice, as it's more versatile and modern than the classic editions made from precious metals (white gold pink gold, platinum, palladium, etc.). There is also a limited edition of 10 pieces with the same black titanium case and solid gold movement.Replica Rolex GMT Master

Replica Rolex GMT Master